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Gwendolyn Harper I am a published author and poet and great aficionado of history (It was my major in college). My general areas of focus are the Fertile Crescent, in particular old Mesopotamia, but also the Levant, Republican to Imperial Rome, European history after 530 to about now, and most MENA cultures to some extent, in particular Egypt, Greece, Carthage, and the modern mediterranean region. In particular I enjoy mythology, religion, and culture studies, and how these affected the unfolding of history in these regions.
Some of my particulars so you can check me out

Twitter @dreaminggynoid
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On the sidebar on my blog there is a link to most of my recent published works but I do need to update it.
A good example of the intersection of my above mentioned interests is represented (albeit in a very adult way) in the Ishtar Cycle published by Lupercalia press
though I warn you its' quite racy in spots.


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