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Gustavo Lemes A short story. When I was a kid, my parents compelled me to read for at least 1 hour daily, and it was a huge mistake for them because I didn't want to stop reading to do my homework. Since then, the most frequent activity I have done is reading, therefore, when I meet someone new, I present myself as a reader.

From my reading habit, I became a history lover, but my career followed a different path. However, in 2020, during the pandemic, I needed to get closer to my passion, so I started my second degree in history (I will finish it in March 2024).

I chose Portuguese language history for my history final project because I enjoy learning new languages and how languages are born and evolved. In June of 2023, I started a specialization in translation to connect, in the future, all my passions.


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English Original Language Translation Translator
Ottoman Empire Portuguese Império Otomano Gustavo Lemes
Byzantine Government Portuguese Governo Bizantino Gustavo Lemes