Michail Kozamanis

Michail Kozamanis


I was born in '96 and I am a medical school graduate from the University of Athens, Greece. However, my interests are by no means limited to medicine and this past year I have set out to study the basics of Roman and Greek ancient history.

The more I study, the more I see how ubiquitous the references of ancient history are in western society today and how much our whole culture is but a continuation of the grand civilizations of long past that have shaped the face of the world as we know it.

The myths and stories of ancient Greece for example have influenced civilizations for millennia and still do so to this day. The arts and politics of the Roman republic have laid the foundations of modern day Europe. We tend to associate history with ruins and abandoned sites but instead we need to realize that our historical heritage is everywhere around us. How we act and think today is based on the rich history of those pioneers who came before us.

Every time I visit ancient ruins I begin wondering how luxurious and magnificent it would have looked in their original form. it makes me sad just thinking about the destruction, of both human and natural causes, that has reduced grand palaces to simple piles of rocks and dust. And all the knowledge from ancient texts that has been lost to us. We can only dream of the unfathomable knowledge that was found in libraries like the one in Alexandria and yet wonder how many more secrets remain to be discovered.

I believe everyone should have easy access to historical knowledge and learn about world history and for that I applaud WHE's efforts towards this goal. One can find here articles covering pretty much every topic concerning ancient history. And I am glad to have been able to contribute somewhat to this vibrant community.


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