Christopher Planeaux

Christopher Planeaux


Driven. Stoic. Father. Golfer. Rascal. Flirt. Leader. Owner. Lecturer. Prankster. Dancer. Writer. Opiner. Creative. Dangerous. Historic. Charming. Genius. Honor the gods. Love your woman. Defend your country. Any problem in the world can be solved with the careful application of explosives. Speak softly but carry a small thermonuclear device. Somewhat absent minded IT pro, w/ a string of letters after my name (w00t!), proud pa of 2, drives a Buick. Quite simply, the most interesting man in the world! Formality? Overrated. I work in Information Technologies. I also lectured in Classical Studies. I write on Plato and Ancient Greek History, published in academic journals & Encyclopedias. I have offered papers at conferences throughout North America & Great Britain. I attended Cypress Creek High School (Houston, 1985), Texas A&M;, relocating to Indiana (Summer 1988). I graduated from IU with Baccalaureates in Ancient Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies (1993) and then Ancient History with a minor in Ancient Greek (1994). I am a Teke (Tau Kappa Epsilon). I graduated from the University of Cambridge (Darwin College, 1997) with the M.Phil. I returned to IU for a stint and pursue my doctorate (haphazardly) while running my own IT company. I traveled extensively during my academic pursuits: Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, England (Ireland, Scotland), France, Germany, Italy (Rome / Vatican City), but above all Greece. I visited Greece & the Greek isles many times, lived in England just shy of two years. I am quite active in the Indiana Masonic families (esp. the Shrine), write as much as I can (expository & creative), am teaching myself Russian, and love to ballroom dance (meh, seriously, long before Dancing w/ the Stars). I enjoy both to camp and to attend Black Tie events throughout the year. I live in Indianapolis with my daughter MacKenzie (a teenager now, may the gods show mercy) & my son MacKade.

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