Stefanie Mohrmann

Stefanie Mohrmann


Ever since I was a child, the past has fascinated me. It started with an obsession with Ancient Egypt and never stopped. Over time, I got interested in all kinds of historical topics: industrialization, colonialism (all of the 19th century, really), women's history, film history (especially US-American films from silent movies to the 1960s), German history from the middle ages until now, to name a few. I studied history as an undergraduate and am now on my way to becoming a conference interpreter.
History fascinates me because it shows us how we came to be where and what we are now. I love learning about ancient customs, ways of life, and getting to know impressive people who achieved amazing things.


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Cleopatra German Kleopatra Stefanie Mohrmann
Hildegard of Bingen German Hildegard von Bingen Stefanie Mohrmann