Augustus Timeline

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  • 23 Sep 63 BCE
    Octavian born Gaius Octavius Thurinus at Rome.
  • Mar 44 BCE
    Octavian / Augustus adopted posthumously by Julius Caesar.
  • 43 BCE - 36 BCE
    Second Triumvirate: Antony, Octavian, and Lepidus (official approval by the Roman Senate). Mass proscriptions including Cicero.
  • 42 BCE
    Octavian and Antony defeat Republicans under Brutus and Cassius at the Battle of Philippi (Greece).
  • 38 BCE
    Octavian amasses a naval fleet to defeat Sextus Pompey.
  • 36 BCE
    Octavian strips Lepidus of all power but Pontifex Maximus (supreme priest). Lepidus dies of old age in 12 BC.
  • 31 BCE
    Octavian uses Corcyra as a Roman naval base.
  • 2 Sep 31 BCE
  • 29 BCE
    Octavian celebrates a triple triumph in Rome.
  • 27 BCE
    Octavian is given extraordinary powers and the name Augustus by the Roman Senate.
  • 27 BCE - 14 CE
    Reign of Augustus Caesar. Athens and the Agora restored.
  • 27 BCE
    Augustus creates the Praetorian Guard.
  • c. 23 BCE
    Augustus takes over most of the powers of the tribuni plebis.
  • 19 BCE
    Augustus is given supreme powers by the Roman Senate.
  • 19 BCE
    Arch of Augustus built in Rome to commemorate victory over the Parthians.
  • c. 10 BCE
    Statue of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus sculpted.
  • c. 10 BCE
    Augustus rebuilds the Temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome's Forum Romanum.
  • 9 BCE
    A massive altar the Ara Pacis is completed by Augustus in Rome.
  • c. 2 BCE
    Augustus is declared "Father of the Country".
  • 2 BCE
    Augusutus inaugurates the Temple of Mars Ultor in Rome to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BCE.
  • 2 BCE
    Augustus appoints two Prefects (praefectus praetorio) to command the Praetorian Guard.
  • 6 CE
    Augustus creates the aerarium militare, a treasury drawn from taxes in order to fund a professional Roman army.
  • 6 CE
    Augustus creates Rome's permanent firefighting force, the Vigiles.
  • c. 13 CE
    Augustus creates the cohortes urbanae in Rome to help maintain public order.
  • 19 Aug 14 CE
    Augustus dies at Nola of natural causes.