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  • 2334 BCE - 2279 BCE
    Reign of Sargon of Akkad, Akkadian outpost build at site of future city of Ashur.
  • 1900 BCE
    Ashur, capial of Assyria, is founded.
  • 1813 BCE - 1791 BCE
    Reign of Shamashi Adad I, Ashur flourishes.
  • 1792 BCE - 1750 BCE
    Reign of Hammurabi of Babylon, Ashur becomes vassal state.
  • c. 1740 BCE - c. 1350 BCE
    Ashur is vassal state of the Kingdom of Mitanni.
  • 1353 BCE - 1318 BCE
    King Ashur-Ubalit I frees Assyria from Mitanni rule.
  • 1307 BCE - 1275 BCE
    Adad Nirari I conquers Hittites, Ashur is capital of Assyrian Empire.
  • 1244 BCE - 1208 BCE
    Reign of Tukulti-Ninurta I, Ashur renovated. Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta built across from city.
  • 1115 BCE - 1076 BCE
    Reign of Tiglath Pileser I who issues law code from Ashur.
  • 912 BCE - 891 BCE
    Ashur prospers under the reign of Adad Nirari II.
  • 884 BCE - 859 BCE
    Reign of Ashurnasirpal II, capital moved from Ashur to Kalhu (Nimrud).
  • c. 879 BCE - c. 627 BCE
    Ashur remains an important spiritual center for Assyria, though no longer the capital.
  • 612 BCE
    Ashur destroyed by fire in the sack of the Assyrian cities by Medes, Persians, and Babylonians.