William Brewster Timeline

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  • 1568 - 1644
    Life of William Brewster, Mayflower passenger, spiritual leader of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1580
    William Brewster is a student at Cambridge University.
  • c. 1582 - 1587
    William Brewster serves as assistant to diplomat William Davison until Davison's arrest.
  • 1590
    William Brewster returns to his hometown of Scrooby, England; joins separatist congregation there.
  • 1592
    William Brewster marries his wife Mary at Scrooby, England; they open their home to the separatist congregation.
  • 1607
    Scrooby congregation is persecuted by Anglican Church; William Brewster arranges passage for them to the Netherlands.
  • c. 1608 - 1618
    William Brewster sets up Pilgrim Press in Leiden, Netherlands, printing anti-Anglican literature.
  • 1618
    Orders are issued by King James I of England for the arrest of William Brewster on charges of treason for printing anti-Anglican literature; Brewster goes into hiding.
  • 1620
    William Brewster rejoins the congregation and sets sail on the Mayflower for North America.
  • 1620 - 1629
    William Brewster serves as spiritual leader of the Plymouth Colony in official capacity.
  • 1627
    Death of Mary, wife of William Brewster of Plymouth Colony; he never remarries.
  • 1629 - 1644
    William Brewster continues to serve as unofficial pastor and counselor to Plymouth Colony and adviser to its governors until his death.