Thutmose III Timeline

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  • 1479 BCE
    Following the death of Thutmosis II, Hatshepsut becomes regent for his son Thutmose III.
  • 1479 BCE - 1458 BCE
    Reign of Queen Hatshepsut as Pharaoh of Egypt.
  • c. 1458 BCE
    Kadesh and Megiddo lead a Canaanite alliance against the Egyptian invasion by Thutmose III.
  • 1458 BCE - 1425 BCE
    Reign of Thutmose III in Egypt.
  • c. 1457 BCE
    Battle of Megiddo: Thutmose III of Egypt defeats a coalition of Canaan, Kadesh, Mitanni, and Megiddo led by Durusha, king of Kadesh.