Thomas Cavendish


Thomas Cavendish (1560-1592 CE) was an Elizabethan mariner and privateer who famously circumnavigated the globe in 1586-88 CE, only the third voyage to do so and the first to set sail with that specific intention. Returning rich from Spanish treasure and basking in the glory of his feat, Cavendish set off to repeat the voyage and also find the Northwest Passage in 1591 CE. Beset by storms and unable to round the tip of South America, Cavendish's ship was obliged to turn for home, and he died at sea in May 1592 CE.

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  • 1560 - 1592
    Life of the Elizabethan mariner, privateer and explorer Thomas Cavendish.
  • 1586 - 1588
    Thomas Cavendish circumnavigates the globe, only the third man to do so.
  • Nov 1587
    The English privateer Thomas Cavendish captures the Manila galleon Great Saint Anna (actually a carrack).
  • Jun 1588
    Thomas Cavendish is the first Englishman to land at Saint Helena.
  • 1591 - 1592
    Thomas Cavendish's attempt at a second circumnavigation of the globe ends in his death at sea.