Plains Indians


The Plains Indians (also known as Native Americans of the Plains and Prairie, Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains) are the original inhabitants of the western plains of North America, now part of the United States and Canada. They are the Native Americans most often depicted in media from the 19th century to the present.

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  • c. 11000 BCE - 13000 BCE
    Plains Indians inhabit the Plains and Prairies of North America.
  • c. 700 CE - c. 900 CE
    Plains Indians first begin cultivating corn (maize) and establish permanent settlements.
  • c. 1700 CE - c. 1825 CE
    Cheyenne have mastered the horse and become one of the most powerful Plains Indians nations of the west.
  • 1837 CE
    Smallpox epidemic devastates Plains Indians.
  • 1890 CE
    Wounded Knee Massacre kills over 250 Sioux men, women, and children, ending the Indian Wars of the Plains.