Neo-Assyrian Empire Timeline

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  • 912 BCE - 891 BCE
    Reign of Adad Nirari II who revitalizes kingdom and secures borders.
  • 912 BCE - 612 BCE
    Reign of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Near East.
  • 900 BCE - 800 BCE
    Surviving sphinxes from the Assyrian civilization, usually placed as guards outside palaces.
  • 884 BCE - 859 BCE
    Rule of king Ashurnasirpal II of Assyria who moves capital from Ashur to Kalhu (Caleh).
  • 853 BCE
    Babylonian kings depend on Assyrian military support.
  • 824 BCE - 811 BCE
    Reign of King Shamshi Adad V under whose reign civil war erupts.
  • 745 BCE - 727 BCE
    Reign of Tiglath Pileser III who restructures government and military and expands empire.
  • 729 BCE
    Babylon is occupied by Assyrians.
  • 727 BCE - 722 BCE
    Reign of Shalmaneser V.
  • 722 BCE - 705 BCE
    Peak of the Assyrian empire under the reign of Sargon II.
  • 722 BCE
    Israel is conquered by Assyria.
  • 705 BCE - 681 BCE
    Reign of king Sennacherib of Assyria.
  • 705 BCE
    Sennacherib moves capital from Dur-Sharrukin to Nineveh.
  • 701 BCE
    King Sennacherib of Assyria sacks the city of Lachish in Judah but fails to take the capital Jerusalem.
  • 681 BCE - 669 BCE
    Reign of Esarhaddon who expands the empire.
  • c. 676 BCE
    Scythians and Mannaens attack Assyria.
  • 671 BCE
    Egypt is conquered by Assyria.
  • 671 BCE
    Second Egyptian Campaign, Assyrian army successfully captures Memphis and conquers Egypt.
  • 668 BCE
    Ashurbanipal succeeds his father as King of the Assyrian Empire.
  • 668 BCE - 627 BCE
    Reign of Ashurbanipal, the last great king of Assyria.
  • 653 BCE
    Egypt expels Assyrians.
  • 648 BCE
    War between Assyria and the Elamites.
  • 627 BCE
    Death of King Ashurbanipal.
  • 627 BCE
    Revolts break out following the death of Ashurbanipal, empire begins to fail.
  • 612 BCE
    Downfall of the Assyrian empire.
  • 612 BCE
    The great Assyrian cities of Ashur, Kalhu, and Nineveh are sacked and burned by the Medes, Babylonians, and Persian forces.