Meroe was a wealthy metropolis of the ancient kingdom of Kush in what is today the Republic of Sudan. It was the later capital of the Kingdom of Kush (c. 1069 BCE to c. 350 CE) after the earlier capital of Napata was sacked c. 590 BCE. Prior to that date, Meroe had been an important administrative centre.

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  • c. 890 BCE
    First tomb built at Meroe.
  • c. 750 BCE
    Kushite City of Meroe is founded.
  • c. 590 BCE
    Meroe becomes capital of Kingdom of Kush after the fall of Napata. .
  • 295 BCE - 275 BCE
    Reign of King Ergamenes (Arakakamani) in Meroe.
  • c. 285 BCE
    King Ergamenes slaughters the priests of Amun at Napata, breaks with Egypt.
  • c. 284 BCE - c. 314 CE
    Queens (Candaces) rule jointly with Kings in Meroe.
  • c. 275 BCE
    Ptolemy II invades the Meroitic Nubian kingdom and annexes Lower Nubia.
  • c. 205 BCE - c. 185 BCE
    Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia secede from the Ptolemaic Kingdom with the support of Meroe. Two Egyptians, Horwennefer and his successor Ankhwennefer are declared as Pharaoh in the now independent territories.
  • 22 BCE
    Peace Treaty favoring Meroe signed with Rome.
  • 330 CE
    Invasion of Meroe by the Aksumites under King Ezana.
  • 350 CE
    End of the Kingdom of Kush and city of Meroe in Nubia.