The Medieval Church


Religious practice in medieval Europe (c. 476-1500) was dominated and informed by the Catholic Church. The majority of the population was Christian, and "Christian" at this time meant "Catholic" as there was initially no other form of that religion. The perceived corruption of the medieval Church, however, inspired the movement known today as the Protestant Reformation.

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  • c. 476 CE - 1500 CE
    The Catholic Church holds supreme power in Europe during the Middle Ages.
  • c. 1118 CE - 1170 CE
    Life of the Saint Thomas Becket.
  • 1164 CE
    In the Constitutions of Clarendon Henry II of England sets out the primacy of Common Law.
  • Jan 1414 CE
    Henry V of England quashes riots by the heretical Lollards.
  • 1517 CE - 1648 CE
    The Protestant Reformation breaks the power of the Catholic Church.