Mauretania was an ancient kingdom in northwest Africa, encompassing regions of modern-day Morocco and Algeria. Although it shares a name with the modern country of Mauritania, they do not overlap. Ancient Mauretania was named after the Mauri, or Moors, a Berber tribe that inhabited the region.

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  • c. 1300 BCE
    Egyptians record the presence of semi-nomadic tribes in the Maghreb.
  • 85 BCE - 46 BCE
    Life of Juba I, a Numidian chieftain who united the Numidians and Mauretanians against Caesar.
  • 48 BCE - 23 CE
    Life of Juba II, Numidian prince and king of Mauretania.
  • 33 BCE
    Caesarea Mauretania annexed by Rome.
  • c. 25 BCE - 23 CE
    Caesarea Mauretania is lavishly rebuilt and expanded during the reigns of Juba II and Cleopatra Selene II.
  • 6 CE
    Gaetulians revolts against Juba II's rule in Mauretania.