Marie Dentiere Timeline

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  • c. 1495 - 1561
    Life of reformer, theologian, writer, and preacher Marie Dentière.
  • 1524
    Marie Dentière reads Martin Luther, renounces Catholicism, leaves her convent.
  • 1528
    Marie Dentière marries the Reformed priest Simon Robert.
  • 1533
    Marie Dentière's husband dies; she marries reformer Antoine Froment.
  • 1535
    Marie Dentière, Froment, and her children move to Geneva.
  • 1536
    Marie Dentière publishes The War and Deliverance of the City of Geneva.
  • 1536 - 1538
    Marie Dentière supports the ministry of John Calvin and William Farel in Geneva.
  • 1539
    Marie Dentière publishes A Very Useful Epistle.
  • c. 1540 - 1546
    Marie Dentière concentrates on street preaching after her writings were suppressed.
  • c. 1546
    Marie Dentière is censured by John Calvin for street preaching.
  • 1555
    Marie Dentière writes a preface to John Calvin's sermon on women's apparel.