Juba II


Juba II (c. 48 BCE - 23 CE) was a Numidian prince and the king of Mauretania from c. 25 BCE until his death in 23 CE. He was raised in the household of Julius Caesar (c. 100-44 BCE) and married Cleopatra Selene II (40 - c. 17/5 BCE), the daughter of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII (69-30 BCE). His nearly 50-year reign was characterized by his loyalty to Rome and his promotion of Greco-Roman culture. He faced numerous uprisings by his subjects in Numidia and Mauretania, partly due to the unpopularity of his pro-Roman policies. Nevertheless, Mauretania became very prosperous under his rule and exported goods like Tyrian purple and timber to the Roman Empire.

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