John Winthrop Timeline

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  • c. 1558 - 1649
  • 1605
    John Winthrop marries his first wife, Mary Forth.
  • 1615
    John Winthrop's first wife, Mary Forth dies; he marries his second wife Thomasine Clopton.
  • 1616
    John Winthrop's second wife, Thomasine Clopton, dies in childbirth.
  • 1618
    John Winthrop marries his third wife, Margaret Tyndal.
  • 1630
    John Winthrop migrates to North America with 700 Puritan colonists to become governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1630 - 1649
    John Winthrop serves as governor or assistant governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1630
    John Winthrop delivers his famous sermon 'A Model of Christian Charity' either before leaving England or en route to North America.
  • 1636 - 1638
    John Winthrop presides over proceedings concerning the Antinomian Controversy; Anne Hutchinson and others banished from colony.
  • 1636 - 1638
    The Pequot War; John Winthrop presides over policy concerning the massacre and enslavement of the Pequot tribe.
  • 1645
    John Winthrop delivers his 'A Little Speech on Liberty' after his authority as a magistrate is challenged.
  • 1647
    John Winthrop's third wife, Margaret, dies and he marries his fourth, Martha Rainsborough.
  • 1649
    John Winthrop dies at Boston from natural causes.