John Smith Timeline

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  • 1580 - 1631
    Life of Captain John Smith, explorer, soldier, author, and early governor of Jamestown Colony.
  • c. 1596 - c. 1604
    John Smith serves as mercenary for various causes in Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • c. 1607
    Pocahontas meets Captain John Smith at Jamestown.
  • 1607
    John Smith is part of the expedition to establish the Jamestown Colony of Virginia.
  • 1607 - 1609
    John Smith takes control of the colonists of Jamestown as its governor and befriends Pocahontas.
  • 1609
    John Smith injured in gunpowder explosion; returns to England.
  • 1614
    John Smith maps and names region of New England.
  • 1615
    John Smith taken captive by the French while en route to North America.
  • 1617
    John Smith meets Pocahontas again in England.
  • 1624
    John Smith publishes his General History of Virginia.
  • 1631
    John Smith dies in England of natural causes.