John Alden Timeline

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  • c. 1598 - 1687
    Life of John Alden, cooper of the Mayflower, leading citizen of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1620
    John Alden is hired as cooper of the Mayflower and leaves England for North America as part of the crew.
  • 11 Nov 1620
    John Alden becomes the youngest member on board to sign the Mayflower Compact establishing the government of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1622
    John Alden marries Priscilla Mullins; the couple have ten children.
  • 1626
    John Alden, along with others, takes on financial debt of the colony in return for monopoly on fur trade.
  • 1628
    John Alden helps establish the village of Duxbury, Massachusetts.
  • 1634
    John Alden arrested at Boston after a trade-related murder he had nothing to do with; laws concerning citizens of different colonies are drafted afterwards.
  • 1637
    John Alden's efforts lead to the incorporation of the village of Duxbury.