John Alden

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John Alden (l. c. 1598-1687 CE) was a member of the crew of the Mayflower, serving as the ship's cooper (barrel maker), on the historic voyage of 1620 CE which established the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, North America. Although he was only contracted for services to the ship, he elected to remain with the passengers of the Mayflower once they reached land and helped to build the settlement, later becoming one of its more prominent members, serving as assistant to the governor, and participating in the founding of the nearby settlement of Duxbury, Massachusetts.

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  • c. 1598 - 1687
    Life of John Alden, cooper of the Mayflower, leading citizen of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1620
    John Alden is hired as cooper of the Mayflower and leaves England for North America as part of the crew.
  • 11 Nov 1620
    John Alden becomes the youngest member on board to sign the Mayflower Compact establishing the government of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1622
    John Alden marries Priscilla Mullins; the couple have ten children.
  • 1626
    John Alden, along with others, takes on financial debt of the colony in return for monopoly on fur trade.
  • 1628
    John Alden helps establish the village of Duxbury, Massachusetts.
  • 1634
    John Alden arrested at Boston after a trade-related murder he had nothing to do with; laws concerning citizens of different colonies are drafted afterwards.
  • 1637
    John Alden's efforts lead to the incorporation of the village of Duxbury.