The first Indo-Greek kingdom appeared circa 190 BCE may when the Greco-Bactrian king or (general for his father) Demetrios was busy in India, when his Indian possessions were divided between several kings, probably firstly in order to better govern them but then due to civil war. The term “Indo-Greek” is generally used because these kingdoms were almost always separated from Bactria and thus differed politically from the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.

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  • c. 200 BCE - c. 100 BCE
    Scythians tribes migrate into Bactria, Sogdiana and Arachosia.
  • c. 200 BCE - c. 185 BCE
    Demetrios is general for his father and then becomes king, greatly extending the kingdom in India.
  • c. 190 BCE
    First appearance of multiple Euthydemid kings at the same time. Beginning of the Indo-Greek kingdoms.
  • 171 BCE
    In odrer to show the break of dynasty, Eucratides begin a new Yona (or Greek) era.
  • c. 165 BCE
    The Greco-Bactrian king Eucratides invades India.
  • c. 155 BCE
    Euthydemid Menander succeeds to push back Eucratides westward of Hindu-Kush.
  • c. 130 BCE
    Eucratids flee from Bactria to India. Rivalry between Eucratids and Euthydemids takes place in the Indo-Greek kingdoms.
  • c. 110 BCE
    Arachosia lost to the first Indo-Saka kingdom.
  • 80 BCE
    The Indo-Saka king Maues invades the Indo-Greek kingdoms. Resistance organized by both dynasties in the person of Amyntas.
  • c. 80 BCE
    Alliance between Euthydemids and Eucratids against the Indo-Sakas, under the rule of Amyntas.
  • c. 70 BCE
    Fall of Maues kingdom. Indo-Greeks conquer back their lost possessions.
  • c. 70 BCE - c. 10 BCE
    Last Indo-Greek kings, probably Euthydemid ones.
  • c. 55 BCE - c. 50 BCE
    Gandhara and Western Punjab lost to Indo-Saka kings.
  • c. 10 BCE
    Fall of the last Indo-Greek king, Strato II, defeated by the Indo-Saka king Rajuvula.