Indo-Greek Timeline

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  • c. 200 BCE - c. 100 BCE
    Scythians tribes migrate into Bactria, Sogdiana and Arachosia.
  • c. 200 BCE - c. 185 BCE
    Demetrios is general for his father and then becomes king, greatly extending the kingdom in India.
  • c. 190 BCE
    First appearance of multiple Euthydemid kings at the same time. Beginning of the Indo-Greek kingdoms.
  • 171 BCE
    In odrer to show the break of dynasty, Eucratides begin a new Yona (or Greek) era.
  • c. 165 BCE
    The Greco-Bactrian king Eucratides invades India.
  • c. 155 BCE
    Euthydemid Menander succeeds to push back Eucratides westward of Hindu-Kush.
  • c. 130 BCE
    Eucratids flee from Bactria to India. Rivalry between Eucratids and Euthydemids takes place in the Indo-Greek kingdoms.
  • c. 110 BCE
    Arachosia lost to the first Indo-Saka kingdom.
  • 80 BCE
    The Indo-Saka king Maues invades the Indo-Greek kingdoms. Resistance organized by both dynasties in the person of Amyntas.
  • c. 80 BCE
    Alliance between Euthydemids and Eucratids against the Indo-Sakas, under the rule of Amyntas.
  • c. 70 BCE
    Fall of Maues kingdom. Indo-Greeks conquer back their lost possessions.
  • c. 70 BCE - c. 10 BCE
    Last Indo-Greek kings, probably Euthydemid ones.
  • c. 55 BCE - c. 50 BCE
    Gandhara and Western Punjab lost to Indo-Saka kings.
  • c. 10 BCE
    Fall of the last Indo-Greek king, Strato II, defeated by the Indo-Saka king Rajuvula.