German Crusade 1197-8 CE


The German Crusade of 1197 CE, also known as the 'Emperor's Crusade', was led by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI (r. 1191-1197 CE). Although the emperor died on his way east, his army did capture Beirut from the forces of the Ayyubid dynasty. Abandoning the siege of Toron when they heard of Henry's death in Sicily, the Crusaders left for home and, much like the Third Crusade (1189-1192 CE), it was a case of what might have been if a Holy Roman Emperor had managed to conduct the campaign in person.

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  • 1197 - 1198
    The German Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI.
  • Sep 1197
    A Crusade army captures Beirut.
  • 28 Nov 1197
    A Crusade army begins the siege of Toron.
  • 2 Feb 1198
    A Crusade army abandons the siege of Toron on hearing of the death of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI.