Edward III of England

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Edward III of England reigned as king from 1327 to 1377 CE. Succeeding his father Edward II of England (r. 1307-1327 CE) following his enforced abdication and then murder, Edward III would take revenge on his father's enemies, who included the young king's own mother Isabella of France, and go on to reign for 50 years. The king reunified the troublesome English barons, extended Windsor Castle, established a new era of medieval chivalry, and embarked on the Hundred Years' War with France (1337-1453 CE) to force his claim to the French throne. English territory in France was greatly expanded, but the war took a heavy financial toll on the kingdom, a situation only worsened by the arrival of the Black Death in 1348 CE. The king suffered two dreadful blows towards the end of his reign when his gains in France were lost and his son Edward of Woodstock (1330-1376 CE), aka Edward the Black Prince, died prematurely. Consequently, when Edward III died of a stroke in June 1377 CE, he was succeeded by his grandson, Richard II of England (r. 1377-1399 CE).

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