Christopher Jones, Captain of the Mayflower


Christopher Jones (l. c. 1570-1622 CE) was the English captain and quarter-owner of the Mayflower, the cargo ship that brought the religious separatists (now known as pilgrims) to the New World in 1620 CE. Little is known of Jones' life prior to the Mayflower expedition – and even afterwards – other than what is recorded in legal documents on where he lived, conducted trade, married, and the births of his children. He is described by the Puritan pilgrim William Bradford (l.1590-1657 CE) as an affable and easy-going man who, unlike others of the crew of the Mayflower, was respectful and helpful to the passengers.

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  • c. 1570 - 1622
    Life of Christopher Jones, Captain of the ship Mayflower.
  • 1593
    Christopher Jones is married to Sara Twitt who dies in 1603.
  • 1603
    Christopher Jones is married to his second wife Josian Gray; the couple will have eight children.
  • 6 Sep 1620 - 11 Nov 1620
    Christopher Jones transports 102 passengers from England to North America aboard the Mayflower.
  • Nov 1620 - Apr 1621
    Christopher Jones keeps Mayflower at anchor off the coast while the Plymouth Colony is established in Massachusetts.
  • 1621 - 1622
    Christopher Jones returns to his prior trade route transporting goods between England and France.
  • Apr 1621 - May 1621
    Christopher Jones makes the return trip of the Mayflower to England from North America in 33 days.
  • Mar 1622
    Christopher Jones dies at Rotherhithe and is buried in St. Mary's Churchyard.