Byzantine Art Timeline

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  • c. 540
    The Byzantine mosaics of the church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy are created.
  • 545 - 553
    The throne of Maximian, Archbishop of Ravenna is produced with many fine ivory panels depicting Christian images.
  • 867 - 886
    The illustrated Byzantine manuscript the Homilies of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus is produced.
  • c. 1100
    The Jesus Christ mosaic in the dome of the church at Daphni, Greece is made.
  • c. 1125
    The Vladimir Icon of the Virgin and Child is painted in Constantinople.
  • 1164
    The Byzantine wall paintings in the church of Nerezi, Macedonia, are made.
  • c. 1260
    The wall paintings of the church of Sancta Sophia in Trebizond are made.
  • 1370 - 1375
    The Byzantine manuscript the Theological Works of John VI Cantacuzenos is produced and contains many miniature paintings.