Ashurbanipal (r. 668-627 BCE, also known as Assurbanipal) was the last of the great kings of Assyria. His name means "the god Ashur is creator of an heir" and he was the son of King Esarhaddon of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. In the Hebrew Tanakh (the Christian Old Testament) he is called As(e)nappar or Osnapper (Ezra 4:10).

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  • 685 BCE
    Ashurbanipal is born to King Esarhaddon and Queen Ashur-Hamat.
  • c. 670 BCE - c. 668 BCE
    Issuance of the Loyal Treaty of Queen of Assyria Naqia-Zakutu, ensuring the succession of Ashurbanipal as king.
  • 668 BCE - 627 BCE
    Reign of Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria, last king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.
  • 668 BCE
    Ashurbanipal succeeds his father as King of the Assyrian Empire.
  • 667 BCE - 665 BCE
    Ashurbanipal wages war in Egypt to put down rebellions.
  • 653 BCE - c. 648 BCE
    Babylon rebels, Siege of Babylon.
  • 648 BCE
    War between Assyria and the Elamites.
  • c. 647 BCE - c. 648 BCE
    Fall of Babylon the Ashurbanipal.
  • c. 647 BCE - c. 629 BCE
    Extensive collection of clay tablets acquired known as Ashurbanipal's Library at Nineveh.
  • c. 646 BCE
    Destruction of the Elamite city of Susa by Ashurbanipal of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • 627 BCE
    Death of King Ashurbanipal.
  • 612 BCE
    Fall of the Assyrian Empire, Nineveh is burned.