Antigonus I


Antigonus I Monophthalmus ("the One-Eyed") (382 -301 BCE) was one of the successor kings to Alexander the Great, controlling Macedonia and Greece.

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  • 322 BCE - 275 BCE
    The Wars of the Diadochi, also known as the Wars of Alexander's Successors.
  • c. 317 BCE
    Demetrius I commands his father's cavalry units at the battles of Paraetacene and Gabiene in Persia.
  • 316 BCE
    Satrap of Persis Peucestas is defeated at the Gabiene Battle, alongside of Eumenes. Evagros is appointed in Persis by Antigonus I Monopthalmus.
  • 314 BCE
    Antigonus I establishes the League of Islanders which includes Delos.
  • 301 BCE
    The Battle of Ipsus in central Phrygia where Lysimachus and Seleucos I defeat Antigonus I and Demetrius I of Macedon.