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Agriculture Timeline

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  • 10000 BCE
    Beginnings of agriculture in the Middle East.
  • 9000 BCE
    Wild sheep flocks are managed in the Zagros mountains.
  • 9000 BCE
    Cultivation of wild cereals in the Fertile Crescent.
  • 7700 BCE
    First domesticated wheats in the Fertile Crescent.
  • 7000 BCE
    Domestication of goats.
  • 7000 BCE
    Plant cultivation in North America.
  • 6700 BCE
    Domestication of sheep.
  • 6500 BCE
    Domestication of pigs.
  • c. 6500 BCE
    Cultivation of peas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • c. 6000 BCE
    First irrigation.
  • 6000 BCE
    Domestication of cattle.
  • c. 6000 BCE - 2900 BCE
    Neolithic Age settlements in Greece, beginning of agriculture.
  • 5200 BCE
    Domestication of chickens in China.
  • 5000 BCE
    Irrigation and agriculture begin in earnest in Mesopotamia.
  • c. 5000 BCE
    Cultivation of peas in Europe.
  • 5000 BCE
    Organised farming begins in Egypt.
  • 5000 BCE
    Villages arise in China around the Yellow River. Terraced farming begins and rice is cultivated.
  • 4500 BCE
    Invention of the plow.
  • 4000 BCE
    Use of wool for textiles.
  • 3500 BCE
    Farming has spread across Europe.
  • 3000 BCE
    Domestication of alpacas and llamas in the Andes.
  • c. 3000 BCE
    Potatoes are grown in the Andes.
  • c. 2700 BCE
    Corn is first cultivated in Mesoamerica.
  • 2000 BCE
    Domesticated horses introduced in Mesopotamia.
  • 1500 BCE
    Pastoral farming spreads across Eurasian steppes.
  • 1345 BCE
    The world's first manual on training horses is written by the Mitanni horse trainer Kikkuli (found in Hattusa).

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