Achaean League Timeline

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  • c. 280 BCE
    Founding of the Achaean League in the Peloponnese of Greece.
  • c. 255 BCE
    The position of strategos is introduced to lead the representatives of the Achaean League.
  • 251 BCE
    Sicyon joins the Achaean League in Greece.
  • 243 BCE
    Corinth is attacked and brought into the Achaean League.
  • 235 BCE
    Megelopolis joins the Achaean League.
  • 222 BCE
    The Achaean League and Antigonos III of Macedon defeat Sparta at Sellasia.
  • 212 BCE - 205 BCE
    The Achaean League sides with Macedon against Rome in the First Macedonian War.
  • 200 BCE - 196 BCE
    The Achaean League sides with Rome in the Second Macedonian War.
  • c. 191 BCE
    The Achaean League signs a treaty of alliance with Rome.
  • 146 BCE
    Rome sacks Corinth and dissolves the Achaean league. Greece is ruled by Rome.
  • 146 BCE
    Open war breaks out between Rome and the Achaean League.