Julius Caesar Denarius, 47 BCE

3D Image

James Blake Wiener
by MattMakesSwords
published on 05 December 2018

This is a recreation of a silver coin that was minted by Julius Caesar in refrence to the supposed ancestry of his family. The gens Julia claimed descent from Venus through Aeneas, who was the product of a union between his father Anchises and the goddess. Venus, Caesar’s divine ancestor, is displayed on “heads”; Aeneas, progenitor of the gens Julia through his son Iulus, is depicted on “Tails” carrying his father Anchises from the burning ruins of Troy. Julius Caesar Denarius. African mint, 47 BCE recreated in 3D 2018 CE for game project: "Caesar's Revenge." Info on this coin is from: http://romanumismatics.com/articles/article/roman-imperators-julius-caesar-aeneas-ancestor-of-the-julians/

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