Ancient Hohokam Pottery


James Blake Wiener
published on 16 September 2018
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This Hohokam pottery bowl is made from clay and painted with red glaze. It dates from c. 1000-1200 CE, and came from what is present-day Arizona in the United States. Hohokam pottery tends to be constructed of buff or light brown clay, and they were made using the paddle-and-anvil technique. Hohokam pottery is often decorated with red geometric designs, usually banded or allover patterns of repeated small motifs. The Hohokam were an ancient Native American culture centered in what's now modern Arizona; the Hohokam were one of the four major cultures of the American Southwest and northern Mexico in Southwestern archaeology.

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James Blake Wiener
James is a writer and former Professor of History. He holds an MA in World History with a particular interest in cross-cultural exchange and world history. He is a co-founder of World History Encyclopedia and formerly was its Communications Director.

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