Pre-Columbian Wari Kero (Drinking Cup)

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James Blake Wiener
published on 14 September 2018
Pre-Columbian Wari Kero (Drinking Cup) Download Full Size Image

This is a Pre-Columbian Wari kero (drinking cup) is painted and made from clay. It comes from what is present-day Peru, and it dates from c. 600-900 CE. Painted in shades of purple, orange, white, and black, this cup has a highly stylized zoomorphic design that repeats is on both sides. It could depict an abstract representation of marine animals, like a squid or fish, or possibly an avian motif.

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James Blake Wiener
James is a writer and former Professor of History. He holds an MA in World History with a particular interest in cross-cultural exchange and world history. He is a co-founder of World History Encyclopedia and formerly was its Communications Director.

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