Relief Of Kemsit


Liana Miate
published on 12 May 2017
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Relief of Kemsit, one of King Mentuhotep's wives. 11th Dynasty, reign of King Mentuhotep, about 2055-2004 BCE. Deir el-Bahari, Egypt.

Kemsit was also a priestess of Hathor and seems to have played an important role in the cult of the goddess. She is shown seated holding a vase to her nose. She is wearing a beautiful dress with a feather pattern, as well as a broad collar (wesekh) and bracelets made of strands of small beads.

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Liana Miate
Liana is the Social Media Editor for Ancient History Encyclopedia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in ancient Greece, Rome & Late Antiquity. She is particularly passionate about Rome and Greece, and anything to do with mythology or women.

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