Biche of Balazote


James Blake Wiener
published on 31 October 2017
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The "Biche of Balazote" is a hybrid sculpture of an androcephalous bull that has clearly been influenced by Greek models. The beast has the body of a bull and a human head with other animal features. The back was originally plain and abutted to a funerary monument, where it served an apotropaic purpose as the protector of a tomb. It was made by ancient Iberians between the late-6th-early 5th centuries BCE of limestone. It comes from Albacete (Balazote), Spain. (Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid)

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James Blake Wiener
James is a writer and former Professor of History. He holds an MA in World History with a particular interest in cross-cultural exchange and world history. He is a co-founder of World History Encyclopedia and formerly was its Communications Director.

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