Apollo-Mithras Meets Antiochus I

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Ronnie Jones III
published on 26 October 2016
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Found in the ancient ruins of Arsameia, outside Kahta, Turkey, 15 km from the world heritage site of Nemrut Dagi, this stele portrays the meeting of Antiochus I (r. 70 BCE - c. 38 BCE) and Apollo. Antiochus - the ruler of the Commagene kingdom - thought himself a god of sorts, so it is no wonder he felt confident enough to shake the hand of a god. The stele is found on the hill dedicated to Antiochus' father, Mithridates.

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Ronnie Jones III
In university Ronnie concentrated his studies on the Greco-Roman world while writing his senior thesis on the Reformation. He has studied Koine Greek and Hebrew at the masters level, and is currently studying Turkish.

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