Ancient Greek Silver coins


Mark Cartwright
published on 14 July 2016

Top row (L to R):
- Silver drachm from Corcyra (Corfu), 229-48 BCE. O: Head of Dione. R: Pegasus.
- Silver didrachm from Rhodes, Caria, 304-166 BCE. O: Head of Helios. R: Rose.
- Silver stater from Calymna, Caria, 600-550 BCE. O: Male head in crested helmet. R: Lyre in incuse square.

Bottom row (L to R):
- Macedonian silver tetradrachm from the reign of Philip II, 359-336 BCE. O: Head of Zeus. R: Horseman carrying a palm branch.
- Silver third of a stater from Zacynthos, 500-456 BCE. O: Amphora. R: Tripod.
- Silver tetradrachm from Epirus, reign of Pyrrhus, 295-272 BCE. O: Head of Zeus Dodonaios. R: Dione on a throne.

(Alpha Bank Numismatics Museum, Kerkyra, Corfu)

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