Dionysos from the Parthenon.


James Lloyd
published on 13 December 2014
Dionysos from the Parthenon. Download Full Size Image

Figure D (commonly identified as Dionysos) from the East Pediment of the Parthenon. Here we can see his legs, and where his feet would have been attatched. He reclines on a rock. His seat is softened by a mantle and an animal fur. Despite the fact that both of his hands are missing, Figure D is the only pediment sculpture with an intact head. He glances to the left, towards the rising sun of Helios, one of whose four horses can be seen (only two are at the British Museum, the other two are in Athens).
Attributed to the famous sculptor Pheidias between 438 BCE-432 BCE. BM 1816,0610.93. (British Museum, London)

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James Lloyd
James' main area of research is ancient Greek music, but he has general interests in mythology, religion, and art & archaeology. A self-confessed philhellene, James keeps at least one eye on the Roman pie.

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