Agora of Athens


Jan van der Crabben
by Madmedea
published on 26 April 2012
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A map of the Athenian Agora in the 5th century BCE.

1 Peristylar Court
2 Mint
3 Enneacrounos
4 South stoa
5 Heliaea
6 Strategeion
7 Colonos Agoraios
8 Tholos
9 Agora stone
10 Monument of the Eponymous Heroes
11 Old Bouleuterion
12 New Bouleuterion
13 Temple of Hephaestus (Hephaestion)
14 Temple of Apollo Patroos
15 Stoa of Zeus
16 Altar of the Twelve Gods
17 Royal stoa
18 Temple of Aphrodite Urania
19 Stoa of Hermes
20 Stoa poikile

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