Roman Mosaics from Dzalisi

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Carole Raddato
published on 07 December 2023
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Two Roman mosaic panels from the thermal baths of a luxurious Roman-style villa at the Dzalisa Archaeological Site in Georgia near Mtskheta, dated to the 3rd century CE.

The upper mosaic is devoted to the cult of Dionysus, the god of wine. It depicts a figural scene with Dionysus and Ariadne seated on a couch under a vine pergola, with Greek inscriptions revealing their names.

The lower mosaic shows two female figures clad in long garments, holding musical instruments, a lyre and an aulos. They are probably Euterpe, the Muse of Music and Poetry, and Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance. The Greek inscription says: 'Preiskos made this'.

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Carole Raddato
Carole maintains the popular ancient history photo-blog Following Hadrian, where she travels the world in the footsteps of emperor Hadrian.

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