Trial of Louis XVI


Harrison W. Mark
by Reinier Vinkeles
published on 05 October 2022
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The trial of King Louis XVI of France, on 26 December 1792, engraving by Reinier Vinkeles, c. 1793-96. Louis himself can be seen prominently in the lower right, holding a sheet of paper from which he reads his defense. He is flanked by his defense counsel: Romain Deseze to his left and Malesherbes to his right. In the first row of the gallery, Maximilien Robespierre wears a green coat, glaring angrily in the direction of the king. In the third row of the gallery, Thomas Paine sits wearing a top hat with his hands nervously clasped, while Georges Danton looks on beside him. In the same row, Maximilien's brother, Augustin Robespierre, leans over to get a better look at the disgraced king. Meanwhile, Jacques de Chapelieres sits on the raised dais on the left of the engraving, moderating the debates.

Musée Carnavalet, Paris.

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