Attic Red-Figure Calyx Krater


Liana Miate
published on 29 June 2022
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It bears the representation of the god Dionysos, Ariadne and the winged god Eros between two Satyrs; members of Dionysos' troupe. The sacred wedding of Dionysos and Ariadne is portrayed on the krater.

It is the 5th century BCE archetype of a happy marital union between mortals. Decorating a typical symposium vessel with the emblematic scene of the marriage of a god and a mortal, through which, according to legend, the latter gained immortality, makes it very likely that the krater was originally used in the context of a wedding ceremony.

Attic Workshop. Attributed to the Painter of Vienna 1089. 400-390 BCE. Made from clay. (The Hellenic Museum, Melbourne, Victoria).

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