Eva Projectile Point


Adriana Dunn
published on 08 December 2021
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Eva Projectile Point from the Hatchie River Region in West Tennessee, Early Archaic Period, c. 8,000 BCE.

Hatchie River Museum at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center.

An Eva point is a medium-sized triangular Early Archaic dart or spear point with shallow basal notches, recurved sides and slightly flared barbs. Points such as this are most commonly found in the western half of Tennessee in the Tennessee River valley. This point is manufactured using broad percussion flaking and finished with fine percussion flaking forming a random flaking pattern on its surface. Fine pressure flaking is used for retouching the blade in order to keep it sharp.

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Adriana Dunn
Hello my name is Adriana Dunn and I am currently working as the assistant director at the Art Museum of the University of Memphis. My interests include cultural heritage, collections management, and art and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean world.


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