Baldr's Death


Celina Bebenek
by Jakob Sigurðsson
published on 13 September 2021
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Death of the Nose god Baldr, illustration from an 18th-century Icelandic manuscript.

SÁM 66, 75v.

Baldr was a beloved son of Frigg and Odin. Upon seeing his own death in a prophetic dream he became depressed. His mother did everything in his power not to prevent it from happening. Frigg convinced every object and creature to vow never to hurt Baldr except mistletoe. This allowed trickster Loki to use it to produce a spear that ultimately killed Baldr.

Later on, gods attempted to raise him from death. The goddess of death Hel agreed to let him free on the condition that everything in the Nine Realms of Norse cosmology should weep for Baldr. When the giantess Thokk refused, Baldr had to remain in the afterlife.

According to some sources such as Völuspá, Baldur will be raised from death after the destruction of the gods at Ragnarök. Then he will rule the new world.

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