Giant Thiassi Kidnapping Idunn

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Celina Bebenek
by Harry George Theaker
published on 09 September 2021

An illustration portraying the Norse goddess of fertility Idunn being kidnapped by the giant Thiassi. Idunn was a guardian of the fruit (usually given as apples) that kept the gods of Asgard eternally young. Due to its rejuvenating properties, the fruit was an object of desire of multiple characters who desperately wanted to get it. One of them was a giant Thiassi. He deceitfully kidnapped Idunn taking the form of the falcon. When she was kidnapped, the gods began to age and her rescue from the realm of Jotunheim (the location of giants) was of the utmost importance. Finally, she was released by the trickster Loki. From that time gods could enjoy youth till the times of the Ragnarök.

The illustration was created by Harry George Theaker in 1920. It was originally published in the Children's Stories from the Northern Legends by M. Dorothy Belgrave and Hilda Hart.

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