Tessa Thompson as a Valkyrie

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Celina Bebenek
by Disney/Marvel
published on 08 September 2021
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Tessa Thompson as a Valkyrie in a modern interpretation of Norse mythology as portrayed in the movie Thor Ragnarok (2017). Valkyries were key figures in various Norse sagas such as Prose Edda, the Heimskringla and the Njáls Saga. They were maidens whose role was to participate in battles and to decide which warriors should die in battle. They were also known for assisting the souls of such fallen warriors to enter Valhalla and later on they were taking care of them. Valhalla was an afterlife location in Norse mythology where the souls of those who died a heroic death on a battlefield enjoyed the blissful company of gods.

The image focuses more on the role of the Valkyrie as a participant in a battle rather than her role as a servant of the souls of the warriors.

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