UNESCO's Nubia & Abu Simbel Campaign


Mark Cartwright
published on 27 October 2018

This collection is really dear to us as it is the fruit of our new collaboration and partnership with the UNESCO Archives. They have digitized a vast amount of resources that can be found on their platform and you can read all about their project in our interview about the archive launch. We are very glad to now have access to their archives and be able to share relevant media on our website.

Ramesses lived to be 96 years old, had over 200 wives & concubines, 96 sons & 60 daughters, most of whom he outlived.

We have based this collection on the incredible International Campaign for the Safeguard of the Monuments of Nubia. During this campaign in the early 1960s CE, ancient Nubian monuments were moved to save them from flooding by Lake Nasser, an artificial lake created by the Aswan Dam.

Here we have curated a selection of articles on Nubian heritage from Ancient History Encyclopedia, combined with historic media from the UNESCO Archives, all in one place for you to enjoy!



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