ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS : Egyptian Pyramids and Aztec Pyramids


Mark Cartwright
by Military History 2015
published on 04 March 2016

A look at Ancient Civilizations Egyptian Pyramids and Aztez Pyramids. During the 4th dynasty of the Pharaohs in Egypt, nearly 5000 years ago, a people emerged from the mists of pre-history to complete the most ambitious and spectacular undertaking ever attempted by mankind. An incredible feat characterized by ingenious design, resourceful technique, and above all, the labor of tens of thousands of men who contributed with their bare hands to creating these colossal tombs for their Pharaohs. We look at the construction of Khufu, which, tall as a 40 story building, is the largest pyramid in the Nile Valley.

Part 2 starts at 21:40 and looks at Ancient Aztec Pyramids. Aztec civilization reached its height in the early 16th century. Explore the capital of their empire, Tenochtitlán, home to elaborate yet sacred temples atop gigantic stepped pyramids. Witness the majesty of this warrior culture that has been unearthed below what is modern-day Mexico City by the preeminent archeologists of our time.

Ancient Civilizations offers a comparative analysis of the field, including both old world and new civilizations, and explores the connections between all civilizations around the earth.The volume provides a jargon-free introduction to ancient civilizations from the first civilizations, and the great powers in the Near East, to the first Aegean civilizations, the Mediterranean world in the first millennium, Imperial Rome, northeast Africa, divine kings in southeast Asia, and empires in East Asia, as well as early states in the Americas and Andean civilization.For those interested in ancient civilizations.

Today’s civilizations owe an immense debt to the powerful empires and mighty cities of antiquity. Their inventions, techniques and concepts enabled the advancement of humankind and lay the foundation for life in the modern world.

Explore Ancient History, including videos, pictures, and articles on cultures such as Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and more.

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