Daniel Villanueva and Stratigraphy


Past Preservers
by Past Preservers
published on 19 May 2014

A graduate of San Francisco State University, Daniel's archaeological expertise is on the pre- and proto-historic periods of San Francisco. His Masters thesis was on the pre-histoy and history of Lake Merced, and the foundation of the Past Preserver walking-tour app: Lake Merced's History. Daniel now offers tours as a tour guide through Yerba Buena Tours. Daniel draws from historical and archaeological research to educate guests on San Francisco's rich cultural heritage, and to offer unique narratives of San Francisco most tourists (or tour guides, for that matter) have never even heard of. While passionate about the past, Daniel is also passionate about applying his skills and knowledges to offer context and solutions to current issues and events, including social activism. Daniel co-authored and is actively pushing a ballot initiate that may one day aid in alleviating a multitude of societal & economic issues currently facing California.

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