The Greek Myth of Pandora's Jar


Kelly Macquire
published on 13 November 2022

Pandora and her jar or box a well-known figure from Greek myth, is known from the ancient literature as the first mortal woman who was crafted out of clay by the gods. The name Pandora can mean all- giving or the giver of all but also all-gifted, and both of these meanings make sense when you think about her story as she was given all manner of gifts by the gods and was also the giver of unwanted “gifts” to humanity. According to Hesiod in his Theogony and Works & Days, Pandora was crafted by the god of metallurgy and smiths, Hephaestus, from earth and water as directed by Zeus, the king of the gods, as an affliction on man.

Pandora was sent as a gift to Epimetheus, who had previously been warned by his brother not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but he accepted Pandora before he remembered his brother’s warning since he is, after all, the titan of afterthought. Pandora came to earth not alone, but with a jar that she was told never to open. One day, when she could no longer control her curiosity, she opened the jar and released all mortal ills upon the earth including sickness, war, vice, toil, pain, and the necessity to work for sustenance.



0:00​ Introduction
1:03 The Myth of Pandora's Box
5:58 Outro

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Greek Mythology

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Hephaestus the Greek God of Fire and Metallurgy
Oracles of Ancient Greece
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