9 Notorious Creatures from Slavic Folklore - Slavic Mythology


Ibolya Horvath
by Mythos The Historian
published on 08 October 2021

These are the most notorious Slavic creatures from the Slavic Mythology.

Creatures from the Slavic Folklore found in this video:

Kikimora - an evil spirit that enters the house.

Domovoi - a beneficial spirit of the house.

Baba Yaga - the evil Old woman of the woods.

Vodyanoy - is a kind of Slavic mermaid.

Rusalka - a kind of old man evil mermaid.

Zmei - is a kind of multi-headed dragon from Slavic mythology

Gamayun - is a fabulous creature, half human, half bird, and is related to the mermaid.

Bannik - popular spirit of the steam bath, popular in Ukraine and Russia.

Leshy - an unfriendly giant, the spirit of the forest.

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