9 Notorious Creatures from Slavic Folklore - Slavic Mythology


Ibolya Horvath
by Mythos The Historian
published on 08 October 2021
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These are the most notorious Slavic creatures from the Slavic Mythology.

Creatures from the Slavic Folklore found in this video:

Kikimora - an evil spirit that enters the house.

Domovoi - a beneficial spirit of the house.

Baba Yaga - the evil Old woman of the woods.

Vodyanoy - is a kind of Slavic mermaid.

Rusalka - a kind of old man evil mermaid.

Zmei - is a kind of multi-headed dragon from Slavic mythology

Gamayun - is a fabulous creature, half human, half bird, and is related to the mermaid.

Bannik - popular spirit of the steam bath, popular in Ukraine and Russia.

Leshy - an unfriendly giant, the spirit of the forest.

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